Barnsley's Brains in a Dish R&D project will explore and test ideas for new artworks and events which will be presented at The Cooper Gallery in 2022.. Read More

Charlie Murphy _BiopsyJuly 2017_CM5

Dr Ross Paterson takes a skin biopsy (sample) from Charlie's arm - See short film 'Growing the stuff of thought' which features in Glass Meets the Future festival.. video still : Fergus Walsh / BBC / CreatedOutofMind Read More


dividing the skin sample to grow cultures, still from Charile Murphy's 'skin to mind' video series Read More

fibroblast_2155_CLovejoy copy

fibroblast and epithelial (skin) cells 'in a dish', photo: Christopher Lovejoy Read More


'fibroblasts, in vitro' 2019, (detail) borosilicate glass & liquids from 'in vitro' projection series Read More

12.SkintoMind_Freezingdown03 copy

freezing fibroblast (skin) cells, still from Charlie Murphy's 'skin to mind' video series Read More


'neuronal rosettes' growing in a 2D culture dish ; stained to reveal different proteins photo : Professor Selina Wray Read More


spontaneous synapse, 2019 robotic lasers, reformed burettes, retort stands& clamps Created in collaboration with Robin Bussell Read More


Murphy & Wray's Neuronal Disco at Southbank's B(old) Festival, 2018 photo:David Sanderson/ Wellcome Read More

PB D55 neurons Tuj1-m Tbr1-rb 02-05-18.lif_Image016Snapshot5

Image shows Phil Ball’s neurons extending their axons in a 2D culture dish, photo:Christopher Lovejoy. Phil's participation Inspired his book 'How to Grow a Human' published by Harper Collins 2019.