Charlie Murphy 'organoid in vitro, ' 2018 from the LOMU projection series Read More


Charlie Murphy 'studies for neurons' 2017 coloured borosilicate glass Read More


Charlie Murphy 'studies for organoids' 2018 reformed coloured borosilicate glass Read More


Charlie Murphy 'studies for neurons' 2017 coloured borosilicate glass Read More


Charlie Murphy 'molecular' 2018 borosilicate glass Read More


Charlie Murphy 'skin to mind' 2017 (work in progress ) projection installation at Dundee's Lifespace Read More


Charlie Murphy work in 'study for cerebral section', 2018 borosilicate glass Read More


Charlie Murphy 'blue synapse experimen', 2018 borosilicate glass Read More


Charlie Murphy work in progress on 'untitled' (migration)', 2018, borosilicate glass Read More

SlumpedSagittalSection_20181111_175557 copy

Charlie Murphy 'slumped sagittal section', 2018 borosilicate glass Read More


Charlie Murphy fibroblast tests for 'in vitro' projections (part of the 'LOMU' series)


Charlie Murphy 'spontaneous green synapse' (experiment), 2018 borosilicate glass and light Read More


Charlie Murphy drawing plans for 'exploding research' installation with glass and light


tests for making 'slumped' saggittal sections sculptures with soda glass and light


Charlie Murphy is developing a major body of artworks, installations and participatory events in collaboration with Dr Selina Wray and her team.

Responding to the intricate rituals, patterns, colourings and readings of cell cultures emerging down the microscopes, Charlie’s delicate hand drawn glass sculptures (studies for neurons,  cerebral organoids) ,  light projections  (in vitro) and video installations aim to connect these seemingly abstract, intricate human tissues grown ‘in a dish’ with embodied, lived experiences which many audiences will relate to.

Informed by ongoing dialogues with Dr Wray’s Lab at UCL and scientific advisor Dr Madeline Lancaster at Cambridge’s MRC lab,  Charlie and the BiaD team welcome contributions from new collaborators, curators and institutions to the development of new presentations and events through which audiences will be able to learn about the vital differences between growth and degeneration and consider some of the dramatic personal implications and potentials which these advances in technology present for our sense of self, wellbeing, cognitive function and life expectancy.


Contact : Charlie Murphy

tel. 07855328565 or email:

Examples of her wider art practice :