“How to grow a human” Talk and new book by Phil Ball 7.00pm to 8.30pm, Friday 31 May 2019, The Theatre, Royal Institute, London

After seeing his own cells used to grow clumps of new neurons that assembled themselves into a ‘mini-brain’ in a dish, Philip Ball began to examine the concept of identity and how it is rooted in our flesh and cells.

Join Philip as he discusses the new technologies of cell reprogramming that were used to make his “brain in a dish”, and how these reveal the astonishing plasticity of our flesh, enabling one body part (or perhaps an entire body?) to be grown from a scraping of another. Whether or not these methods will indeed lead to new ways to ‘grow a human’, they already raise profound questions about who we are and how we came into being.

Making monsters? Ethical gene editing discussion event, 24 April 2018  The Theatre, Royal Institute, London. Phillip Ball’s panel discussion including presentation from Dr Selina Wray

“Disco Morphologies- Dancing the connections between art and science’ presentation by Charlie Murphy and Dr Selina Wray for Powerful Partners at Royal Society for Public Health, London Nov 2017

Charlie Murphy presented an artist talk on the Brains in a Dish work in progress for Rare Dementia Support groups (in the Hub at Wellcome Collection) , London  May 2018

Charlie Murphy, Dr Selina Wray and researcher Christopher Lovejoy contributed to Pint of Science/Creative Reactions : Dimensions of Dementia event, London, October 2017