skin cells growing from Charlie's skin sample photo: Christopher Lovejoy


Charlie Murphy 'fibroblast' projection materials 2019 tests


Charlie Murphy 'dermo fibroblast, in vitro' installation at Dundee's Lifespace Gallery, 2018 photo Erika Stevenson Read More


Charlie Murphy 'dermo fibroblast, in vitro' projection at Lifespace Gallery Dundee 2018 photo Erika Stevenson Read More


Charlie Murphy 'cell colony' 2018, trial projections towards 'LOMU' series


'in vitro' projections at UCL Activism Hub for Bloomsbury Festival 2018 Read More


Charlie Murphy 'colonies' projection 2018 trial


Charlie Murphy 'fibroblast' projection materials 2019 tests


Charlie's stem cells stained with fluorescent antibody markers to verify their characteristics photo: Christopher Lovejoy Read More


Neuronal (brain cell) colonies photo: Dr Selina Wray Read More

LOMU_RoyalInstitute_SelinaWray copy

Charlie Murphy 'dermo fibroblast, in vitro' 2018 projection at The Royal Institution, London during their 'Understanding Alzheimers' event photo: Dr Selina Wray Read More


Charlie Murphy 'organoid' projection 2018 trial, part of the LOMU series

‘in vitro’ Projections

Charlie’s interpretations of microscopic imagery created by Dr Wray’s lab assert a playful, personal dimension to what are conventionally anonymised, abstract scientific images.

Blowing, shaping and colouring scientific glass fragments at a glass manufacturers workshop in East London, she juxtaposes the optical and refractive qualities, shadows and illuminations of a variety of colourised scientific glass, tools ,domestic materials and liquids to recreate, embody and enlarge the cell morphologies she’s observing.

Presenting a selection of materials and colour from her glass bench alongside those found in the lab, these projection installations are evolving response to the ongoing development of her cell line (LOMU) as they are gradually transformed into 2 & 3D cultures.

Charlie plans to develop further installations of this series for a wide variety of contexts. Working in collaboration with various members of the lab team – these installations may  be expanded and developed to highlight the performative and participatory potentials of this work- to create events through which the Brains team will  invite a variety of audiences to assemble different microscopic images with them while also learning about different aspects of cell biology and their morphologies.

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