Selina Wray and the Brains team co-creating petri dish mosaics with students from Barnsley College


Pipe cleaner neurons animated with finger lights


Pipe cleaner neurons animated with finger lights


Local Barnsley children making pipe cleaner neurons


Making brain cell cultures as part of our family drop in sessions at Cooper Gallery


Vibrant brain cell culture mosaics created by participants at Cooper Gallery


Projections of the vibrant brain cell culture mosaics created by Barnsley College students


Examining imagined brain cell cultures through the magnifier


Vibrant brain cell culture mosaics created by participants at Cooper Gallery


Making test tube lava lamps with the Cooper Gallery learning team


STEM students learn how to build their own Brain Cell Bristle Bot as part of our Barnsley Brain's engagement programme


A STEM student at Barnsley College wearing our Brainscan Headdress


Barnsley's brains light up our Brainscan headdress during family drop in sessions


Contributors to Barnsley College Brain Teaser activities L-R Ruth Morgan, Robin Bussell, Rebecca Trotman, Dr Eric Hill, Charlie Murphy, Professor Selina Wray, , Rhein Parri, Dr David Jenkins, Danny Bacchus & Dominic Green


Co creating glass Selina Cells for our Cooper Gallery installation


Local primary schools learn about glass with a stellar hot glass team from Minimelt


Local families learn about glass with a stellar hot glass team from Minimelt


Charlie introduces local Barnsley legends to the Brainscan Headdress


Our Brainscan headdress proves irresistable at Cooper Gallery family drop in sessions

The Brains in a Dish team have developed a wide range of creative, hands-on activities to inform and illuminate important features of the brain and showcase some of the ground-breaking technologies currently used in dementia research to try to understand these conditions on a cellular level.

Activities for families, schools, and community groups include creating your own pipe cleaner neurons, collaging brain cell cultures in petri dishes, programming laser light pathways, learning how to blow a glass ‘Selina Cells’ and building brain cell ‘Bristle Bots’ .

Murphy & Bussell’s Brainscan Headdress visualises brain activity through colours and patterns of light, while Robin Bussell’s innovative Brain-Body-Interface invites you to interactively explore some of the amazing scientific images used to study real people’s brains.

Using body movements , participants are invited to see inside real people’s brains to learn about the brain and gain deeper understandings of how dementia impacts brain health.

These targeted activities for schools, young people and adult community groups aim to raise the profile of dementia research and inform the aspirations of a wide range of local young people and communities interested in science, technology and the arts.

Our recent Barnsley’s Brains programme was financially supported by Barnsley Museums & Heritage trust, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Alzheimer Research UK’s Inspire Fund and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity, dedicated to diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure. Backed by their passionate scientists and supporters, they fund and deliver pioneering research, currently supporting 170 research projects worth £46.2 million. They challenge the way people think about dementia, uniting the big thinkers in the field and funding the innovative science that will deliver a cure.

Find out more at [KB1] or by calling 0300 111 5555.

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