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Read more of Philip Ball's responses to the artwork and project in our writing pages Read More

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In Search of Self (I, II, III…), 2022, Charlie Murphy & Robin Bussell, Coloured & UV reactive glass, robotic UV lights, glue, nylon, 3.5m x 2m, photo: Scott Bairstow Read More


Brains in a Dish is currently exhibiting at Cooper Gallery & The Glassworks supported by ARUK, ACE Lottery Project Grant + Barnsleys Museums. Read More

Charlie Murphy _BiopsyJuly 2017_CM5

Dr Ross Paterson takes a skin sample from Charlie's arm so that her skin cells will be grown and gradually transformed into functioning braincells 'in a dish' as part of Professor Wray's dementia research at University College London. video still : Fergus Walsh / BBC / CreatedOutofMind/Wellcome Read More


Dr Lovejoy dividing Charlie's skin sample to grow cell cultures for dementia research in the Wraylab at UCL. Video still from Charile Murphy's 'skin to mind' video series Read More


One of Charlie's creative responses to the microscopic imagery she's observed in the Wraylab at UCL, this artwork is made from a selection of borosilicate glass fragments & liquids, Image from her 'in vitro' projection series. Read More

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Image taken down the microscope of Charlie's 'fibroblast' and 'epithelial' (skin) cells being grown 'in a dish'. One of the delicate cell culturing processes used in dementia research in the Wray lab at UCL. photo: Dr Christopher Lovejoy Read More

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Charlie Murphy, Brains in a Dish, 2022 (Cooper Gallery, installation view) showing In Vitro, 2022, Cellular IV, 2022 and Cellular III, 2022, photo: Scott Bairstow Read More

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Charlie Murphy, Cellular I, 2022, fused & slumped borosilicate glass, 80 x 50 x 45cm, photo: Scott Bairstow Read More


Charlie Murphy + Robin Bussell's Spontaneous Synapse Created with reformed glass burettes, tubing, stopcocks, aluminium scaffold, 3D printed brackets, lab clamps, tourniquet tape, robotic lasers, 3D printed brackets, magic arms + cheese plates, Current installatoin at Cooper Gallery a400 x 400 x250 cm Read More


Professor Selina Wray's 'neuronal rosettes' cultured in her Wraylab at UCL are seen here growing in a 2D culture dish. They have been stained to reveal different proteins for her dementia research. photo : Professor Selina Wray/UCL Read More

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Dr Lovejoy freezing the team's donated fibroblast (skin) cells for dementia research in the Wraylab at UCL. Still from Charlie Murphy's 'skin to mind' video series Read More


Charlie Murphy + Robin Bussell's 'spontaneous synapse' installation has been created with upcycled, reformed burettes, robotic lasers, retort stands & clamps. Seen here as presented at The Lowry in 2019. Read More


Participants performing key principles and cellular actions involved in Professor Wray's dementia research at The Neuronal Disco. Seen here at Southbank's B(old) Festival, (London) 2018. photo:David Sanderson/ Wellcome Read More


Cellular I (detail), 2022, fused & slumped borosilicate glass, LEDs (Robin Bussell) 45 x 45x 15cm Read More

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This microscopic Image shows Philip Ball’s neurons (brain cells) extending their axons 'in a dish' as part of Professor Wray's dementia research. Phil's participation in the Brains project inspired his book 'How to Grow a Human' published by Harper Collins (2019). photo: Dr Christopher Lovejoy. Read More


Students from Kingston School of Art respond to Charlie's Brainscan headdress which visualises brain activities through light and colour... Read More


'in search of self' (detail ) from a large scale installation that uses robotic lights to animate a constellation of UV reactive glass sculptures..see a newly expanded presentation of this work at The Cooper Gallery, Barnsley from 15th Oct 2022-14 Jan 2023 Read More


fibroblasts, 'in vitro' 2020, mixed media projection - one of Charlie's creative responses to the imagery she observed in the Wraylab at UCL. Read More