Selina Cell Culture, co-created installation at Cooper Gallery

Hand blown and coloured glass spheres, programmed LEDs

250 x 150 x 40 cm

Inspired by the colours , forms and endless versatility of stem cells grown in the lab by Professor Selina Wray for dementia research,  this vibrant co-created installation celebrates the importance of understanding how cells work both individually and collectively.

The installation has been created with glass cells individually blown by over 50 local participants through an intensive programme of hot glass workshops led by glass specialists Minimelt.

Participants learnt how to blow a glass ‘Selina Cell’ at Elsecar Heritage Village as part a dynamic programme of hands-on outreach activities to inform and illuminate important features of the brain during Barnsley Bright Nights Festival (2022)

The Brains exhibition + engagement programme is financially supported by Barnsley Museums & Heritage trust, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Alzheimer Research UK’s Inspire Fund and the National Lottery through Arts Council England with kind support from Minimelt Glass and Elsecar Heritage Village staff.

Students from Jump & Hoyland Spring local primary schools learn about glass blowing with the Mini Melt team as part of the Brains in a Dish engagement programme